Create smarter AI assistants

Create smarter AI assistants

Create smarter AI assistants

Create smarter AI assistants

Designing bots with friends and coworkers has never been this easy



How BotStacks works

BotStacks redefines how AI chatbots are designed, deployed, and scaled, making advanced technology accessible to everyone.



Design collaboratively

Individuals and teams can seamlessly integrate diverse AI models, and construct assistants through an intuitive drag-and-drop canvas designer.



Leverage LLMs

Allow your assistants to harness the capabilities of large language models alongside your own custom data sets to generate contextual and accurate responses. Cater to user needs, and deliver a personalized experience that scales with you.



Deploy everywhere

Embed your chatbots or AI assistants wherever your users are. BotStacks’ chat SDKs and UI kits also offer a feature-rich and customizable chat environment that can be quickly added to your iOS, Android, or JavaScript app.

Let AI help you build

BotStacks empowers chatbot designers with a suite of AI tools to help them build - chatbot building has never been easier.

Test and analyze your chatbot.

BotStacks ensures a streamlined testing and prototyping process. This feature is crucial for developing and refining your AI chatbots, ensuring they meet the highest standards of performance and user engagement.

Elevate your chat with integrations.

Leverage advanced AI and machine learning capabilities to enhance your data analysis and chatbot performance. BotStacks AI integrates cutting-edge technology to keep you ahead of the curve.

Make it easy with knowledge bases.

Train chatbots and AI assistants to deliver more accurate, contextual answers with BotStacks’ knowledge base.

Learn from the
BotStacks Community

A vibrant community of AI agent builders and conversational AI teams dedicated to sharing projects, best practices, and creating top-notch assistants for various industries.

Community Discord

Join our community of chat builders and AI assistant enthusists.

YouTube Tutorials

Learn how to build chatbots from video tutorials created by the BotStacks team.

Documentation & Guides

Dive into the docs and written guides for a deeper understanding of building chatbots.

Simple pricing


For anyone who wants to try making their first chatbot.


per month


1 workspace

1 BotStack


1 editor

500K AI tokens per month

Sandbox access

No-code web widget

Discord community support

Video tutorials


Discord community support


For small teams who build and deploy AI assistants.


per month


5 workspaces

15 BotStacks

Everything in Starter, plus

3 editors

5M AI tokens per month

Chat SDKs & UI Kits


10GB Storage per month

Remove BotStacks watermark


Ideal for larger teams managing dynamic AI assistants.


per month


Unlimited workspaces

100 BotStacks

Everything in Pro, plus

50 editors

10MM AI tokens per month

10K MAUs

80GB Storage per month